The 12 Months Of Christmas

Read "A Christmas Secret," a children's story by Susan Molthop

Organize supplies

Plan time-consuming gifts

Make gift bags from recycled Christmas cards (or pics -- especially the ones you took last Christmas). Find a box, book, video, or anything else that can be a "form" that's the right size for your card. Wrap it carefully (don't attach to the form). Leave the top open (it can be as long as you want). Tape or glue every fold and seem (double-faced tape works well). While the form is still in place, glue the card or pic to the front of the bag. Remove the form, re-enforce seems from the inside, add ribbon or yarn handles, and you're finished. (You can also do these with doily hearts for Valentine's Day). Make these up in lots of different sizes, so you'll have them ready for next Christmas.

Research quick and easy decorations.

When the winter doldrums hit, pull out your Christmas fabric and make simple tri-fold pillow shams for your throw-pillows. You can also make sashes to tie into Christmas bows to put on pillows, chair backs, etc.

Original patterns, articles, and links to other online resources for people who love to knit or crochet easy projects.

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