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Our latest DIY projects are all about laying tile. We're remodeling 2 bathrooms and a kitchen. Here's a hint:

When working with cement products, like mortar and grout, it's always best to measure generously. If you have to stop what you're doing to mix up another batch, it can really throw a monkey wrench into the project. This means you'll probably have some mortar or grout left over after the task is complete. Don't throw it out. Plan ahead and have some molds ready to take the leftovers. It's always nice to have some extra bricks or stepping stones for landscaping. Here is a photo of a garden step made of grout.

DIY Pavers from leftover mortar

Bob used a plastic icecream bucket as a mold and coated the sides with oil so it wouldn't stick. The step is about 8" in diameter and almost 2" thick. He left the top textured, but he could have smoothed it out or even stamped a pattern into it.


Here are some hints and photos about laying tile.

To see photos of some of our own DIY adventures, please visit

Projects include refurbishing a wod stove, building an indoor/outdoor room, garage workshop, covered deck, and curb appeal.

Here is an article by Michelle Mahood, about her wonderful DIY straw bale house.


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