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9/5/07 Steve came through again! This time he sent me 2 terrific novelty games. His talented brain and fingers hacked into spider.sav and came up with one that looks like a butterfly and one that plays with all the cards face up. Check them out, here:



More coming all the time. Please check back often. From now on, I'll add the posting date in red, so you can see the new games since your last visit.

Rating system: 1 . = easiest. 5 ..... = Super Challenge

To download, right click on any file name link, then choose "save target as" to your "My Documents" folder. In order to play, you must delete spider.sav and rename the downloaded game as spider.sav (or use the utilities at the bottom of this page).

File Name Play Level Notes
spiderML1.sav .... Saved at the beginning of the last round and still takes over 100 moves to win. This one has so many options, you can play it over and over--it's a different game every time.
spiderD3.sav .... Too many choices! This one could make you crazy. If you can get a hole in the first round you can win it.



.... The first round is a day at the beach. Then you have to go back to work. If you get lucky, you can make it the first time. If not, you know how to use the restart button. <grin> (I saved this one at the end of round one for comparison.)
spider13.sav .... Saved with 4 holes in the last round. The board is so messed up it still plays like untangling yarn. Really fun! If you start over--Good Luck!
.... The beginning rounds make it look easy. Then it gets tough, but you just know you can beat it. <grin>
spider071807.sav .... Steve sent this one in. I had to start over 4 or 5 times to get it. Pretty kewl! Thanks for sharing, Steve.


.... In all my years of playing, I've never seen a layout like this one. I had to play it. I also had to start over several times to win it. (Screen shot below)
Spider Solitair 4-suit game with only 2-3-4
.... 2 rare layouts in 2 days. This one goes straight down from king to 4. Again, I couldn't resist, but had to start over several times to win it. (Screen shot below)
Spider Solitaire 4-suit difficult game, layout from King to 4
spider1.sav ..... The toughest game I've ever won. It's saved part way through the final round and still takes over 100 moves to win.

9/19/2007 spiderUgly.sav

..... Normally I don't play ugly games. If I get duplicates, too many aces or kings, or not enough plays or natural pairs, I just re-deal. This game, however, is absolutely the butt-ugliest layout I've ever seen (see screenshot below). I couldn't resist it. I had to start over several times, then save it in stages, but I finally beat it. It's saved at the beginning of the last round so you can play it as I did or start over and take your chances.
The following 2 "novelty" games were contributed by Steve. These are "hacked" games, which means he monkeyed around with the code to get them set up, but they still play like any other spider solitaire game.
... If you dealt the cards face-up, this is what you'd get. It's not as easy as it looks. (Open the saved game to see the layout.)
.... Open the saved game to see a layout shaped like a butterfly. I had to start over several times to beat this puppy.
The following 2 utilities were contributed by Steve. These are small batch files are great if you play and save a lot of games. Many computer security systems block batch files, so in order to use these, you must rename them to remove the underscore characters in the file extensions (.b_a_t should be .bat) It's best to create a new folder for your saved games and put these programs in that folder.
To use this file after downloading and renaming, double-click on the GrabGame batch file, and it will copy the current MyDocuments/spider.sav into this folder with the batch files. Don't forget to rename it, then, or the next time you run this program it will write over the top of it.


To use this file after downloading and renaming, drag-n-drop a saved game onto the useGame batch file, and it will copy it to MyDocuments, and rename it "spider.sav"

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