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9/5/07 Steve came through again! This time he sent me 2 terrific novelty games. His talented brain and fingers hacked into spider.sav and came up with one that looks like a butterfly and one that plays with all the cards face up. Check them out, here:



Here is an ever-growing list of my favorite Spider Solitaire games. Advanced games and utilities are on the next page. To download, right click on any file name link, then choose "save target as" to your "My Documents" folder. In order to play, you must delete spider.sav and rename the downloaded game as spider.sav. ENJOY! (From now on, I'll add the posting date in red, so you can see the new games since your last visit.)

Rating System: 1 . = easiest. 5 ..... = Super Challenge

File Name Play Level Notes
Beginners start here. You can turn up all the hidden cards in the first round.
spiderEZ1.sav .. Low stress--a little work, but not too much.
spiderEZ5.sav .. Ho-hum easy. Good practice for beginners. Saved at beginning of last round so you can finish or start over.
.. Perfect 2. The outcome is never in doubt. Saved at beginning of last round.
spiderEZ4.sav .. A little tougher than EZ1. Almost a 3 if you're a beginner.
.. This game is a standard 2, but it let Bob monkey around with the layout in the last round--something he loves to do. He's been trying for years to get this finale. It's saved as it looks below.
spiderM3.sav .... If you're an advanced player, this one is a 3, but if you're a beginner, it's more like a 4. Missed opportunities can make the difference in this one.
spiderM4.sav ... This is as close as I've ever been to the no-win scenario. At the end of the next-to-last round, there were only 2 suits left--both black. I saved it there, so you could see it before starting over, in case it doesn't come up that way for you.


... Good, solid 3. Lots of maneuvers. This would be a good one to challenge your friends to see who can do it the fewest moves.
... This one is interesting because of the last round. It looks hopeless, but every card when you turn them over (at least that's how it played for me).
spider11.sav ... Plays different every time. Sometimes it's a 3--sometimes it's a 4.

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