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I love wearing soft socks around the house. I also needed some quick and easy gifts that I could knit up using yarn I already own. Here's what I came up with. Contributions welcome.

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"Inside-Out" Footies--Knitting Instructions

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I call this "inside-out" because the pattern is a knit-two-purl-one rib that looks better with the knit side out, but it's more comfortable with the knit side in. Also, the seam is on the outside, and rolls nicely, to form a ruffle, only if the knit side is on the inside.

What makes this pattern so easy is that it's knit flat with a tapered end, then stitched up to form a simple tube. No shaping or circular knitting required. The shaping is done by using elastic thread to pull in the front.

I can knit a pair of these footies in about 15 hours (and I'm slow).


1 Skein (6 oz) Lion Brand Homespun yarn (or any thick, soft, washable yarn) Not recommended for cotton yarn--not enough elasticity.
Size US 6 knitting needles
Large-eyed, bluntnosed sewing needle
Elastic thread

Gauge: 4 stitches=1 inch, 6 rows =1 inch

Size: Ladies' Medium (approximately shoe size 6-8)
[For a man, make the slipper an inch longer and the seam narrower.]


Cast on 43 stitches

Row One: K1, P2, K1 across row
Row Two: P1, K2, P1 across row
Work in pattern until footie measures approximately 12".

Now it's time to decrease for the toe section.

At the beginning of the next row, K2 together, twice. Knit in pattern until you reach the last 4 stitches, then K2 together twice again. This reduces each row by 4 stitches.

Continue in this manner until you have only 7 stitches left.

K2 together, K1, K2 together. This leaves 5 stitches. Repeat for the next row, leaving 3 stitches.

K2 together, K1. Now you have 2 stitches.

K2 together. Last stitch.

Cut off the yarn, leaving about 12" for stitching. Pull the yarn through the last stitch to fasten it. Your knitting is finished.


Now it's time to sew.

Thread the yarn through the big-eyed sewing needle. With the knit side in (purl side out) bring one of the side points (where you started decreasing) up to the center point (where you just finished binding off ) and stitch them together, making a flat, invisible seam. Tie off and cut. Repeat this process with the other side. You now have an "envelope" for your toes.


Switch to elastic thread in your needle.

Sew a seam up the middle, matching the top and bottom edges. Start at the outer edge at the top, widening the seam quickly to the 2nd purl groove (a little over an inch). Use small stitches, pulling the elastic tight as you go. Continue stitching in this groove until almost to the toe, then taper back out to the edge. This makes a nice ruffle in the middle, disappearing at the top and bottom. Pull securely to form a rounded shape. The elastic should allow the footie to stretch out, straight, but snap back into a nice curve, eliminating the need for a shaped heel.

The knit side (right side) of this pattern naturally rolls in at the sides, so when you stitch in the purl groove, the edges roll over your stitching, forming a natural ruffle. For a tighter cuff, run elastic thread around the top.


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