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As usual, the problem is that you need 2 holes but you only have one.

In this example, you want to get the 3 of hearts (column 9) onto the 4 of hearts (column 1), but you have the 2 of diamonds and the ace of hearts blocking your efforts. There's no place to park these cards, so you need a different technique.


The solution is to "borrow" the ace of diamonds.

  • Put the ace of hearts in the hole.
  • Put the ace of diamonds on the other deuce of diamonds.
  • Put the ace of hearts on the deuce of diamonds.
  • Now you can move the ace/deuce of diamonds as a unit, put them in the hole, and move your 3 of hearts to the 4 of hearts.
  • When you're finished, put the ace of diamonds back where you borrowed it from--it's always best to keep your longest suited runs together.


"Borrowing" the ace of diamonds let you make a 2-hole move with only 1 hole. YEE-HAH! LIFE IS GOOD!

VARIATION: Sometimes you need to work with an ornery pile that has too many unsuited cards at the bottom and you have the usual too-few-holes to work with. You can use the above technique to "borrow" a whole bunch of suited cards from somewhere else and replace them with your mis-matched lot, just long enough to work a play. Afterwords, you can put them all back the way they were.


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