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Curb Appeal Project

This was not the front entrance, but it's the one everybody uses, since the driveway and all the neighbors are on this side.
The window on the right is in the kitchen. The door goes into our new indoor/outdoor dining room.
Click here to see the new indoor/outdoor dining room from the inside.

This is how it looked the first time we saw it.

The original front entry was small, ugly, and poorly done. Now it's bigger and matches the entry to the new indoor/outdoor room.

The change to the front entrance isn't as dramatic, but the larger, tiled entry does make a difference.

Front of the house before renovation and painting

This is what the front looked like before we bought the house. It's not the same camera angle, but it's all I have.

Front view after renovating.

Here's how it looks now. I had to lop off the 2 ends--the house is over 100 feet long, so I can't get it all in one photo.
The garage and laundry room are to the left. The windows on the right are in the master bedroom.



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