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Welcome to our Links Page. If you'd like to submit a link, please send me an email. Notice the symbol next to a link or article. That means it's worth a closer look. You can write to the author or webmaster--straight out--no forms--and get a real live person to write back--no autoresponder.


About Freelance Writing
Read what goes on in the mind of successful freelance writer, Anne Wayman.

Writing Sites

Writing Resource Sites
I'm finding so many great sites for writers, they now have their own page.

Communities For Writers

Nonprofit organization founded in 1983, is dedicated to promoting writing as an art and as a profession and to supporting and inspiring local writers. Meetings and events are held in Redding, Shasta County, Northern California. Not only Redding writers and poets, but writers and poets from all over far northern California are welcome to visit our writing group.

Absolute Write
Very Active forums for all kinds of writing.

Lots of topics to choose from. Nice, active forum.

Open Directory Project
Chats and forums for writers

Post Resume

They've been around for years and still going strong. Their categories are highly specialized,
so you shouldn't have any difficulty finding your niche.

Research and Inspiration

Writers Free Reference
Hundreds of organized links to free reference sites on just about anything topic you can think of, plus search results pages, to make this a one-stop reference site. Easy to navigate, too.

Internet Public Library
Terrific research site. Easy to navigate and loaded with links to all sorts of great online info. Timely features and timeless resources.

Fun4TheMoney Virtual Tours
This is my own collection of fascinating onine tours on a variety of topics. Check them out when you need a refreshing break or some inspiration for a freelance article or fictional description or setting.

Cyberfolks Guided Tours
These are themed, reviewed links, from FolksOnline. Nicely done. Use them for research, idea-storming, or just for fun.