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HINT: Bob read me an article that weak tea is good for acid-loving plants like azaleas, etc., because of the tannic acid. Today, while throwing out a used tea bag, I got the idea to dump all those used tea bags into a jar of water and let them continue to steep. I'm sure there's lots of life left in them. Then, once a week, I can use that tea to water my acid-loving plants.

GOOFY STRAWBERRY HINT: Last year I planted strawberries, weeded and tended the patch with TLC, then watched the slugs get every last berry. This year I just let that patch go. It filled up with grass and weeds and I never gave it another thought until Bob asked if he should mow it down. I said it didn't matter since we'd never see any fruit from it, but Bob started rummaging around in that mess and came up with a handful of perfect, sweet fruit. It seems the slugs couldn't find the berries for all the grass and weeds. YEE-HAH! What a great excuse for not weeding the berry patch.

March, 2005--Spring arrived early. Here are our first efforts at incorporating a wild little stream into our landscape.
pond salamander salamander
The dark line, left center, is what we call Salamander Creek. We have tons of rocks, from where they dug up the yard for the new septic system, so we want to make this into a rock-lined bubbling brook, all the way to the river. The part to the left of the willow tree is always soggy, so we plan to put in a little dam and widen the creek into a shallow pond at that point.

Here is the before shot of the upper part of Salamander Creek, where it comes out from under the road. It's origin is somewhere up on the other side of the highway. It runs year-round, but just a steady trickle. It's always loaded with orange salamanders (newts?)

Here is what it looked like after about 3 hours work, digging out the creek bed and adding rocks that were turned up when they put in our new septic tank. This project will be a real challenge, since the creek goes underground in several places, where the natural path has been choked with weeds and grass.

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