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This is a cute novelty knitting pattern, contributed by Aunt Jean. The hand-knit gourd stands about 4 1/2 inches high. It's soft and adorable from all sides. It would be perfect as a cat toy, part of a centerpiece for Thanksgiving, add to your fall decorations in a wreath or on a mantle, or change the colors and make it a Christmas tree ornament.Contributions welcome.

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hand-knit gourd cat toy or decorative item

JFASknit gourd

Material and tools needed

Sock/fingering weight yarn, variegated, small amount of tan.

Knitting needles: size #2 US set of 5 dpn’s

1 marker

Tapestry needle with large eye


Polyfiberfill toy stuffing

2 small bells, optional



Techniques you will need to know

Knit, decrease by k2 tog.

 Increase one or make one by knitting into yarn between stitches


Cast on, and bind off.

Stockinette Stitch on dpn’s, knit only

Cast on 4 stitches to dpn.  Work 2 rows I-cord. (Knit all stitches, do not turn work but slide to other end of dpn, bring yarn around back of work, then knit again. Repeat until desired length.)

Next row: Increase 1 in each stitch.  (8 stitches)  Distribute among 4 dpn’s. Place a marker between the 7th and 8th stitches.

Next row: Knit 1 round.

Next row: Increase 1 in each stitch. (16 stitches)

Next row:  Knit 1 round.  From here on, knit 1 round after each increase row.

Increase rows:  *k2, increase 1 by knitting into the yarn between stitch just knitted and before next stitch.* Repeat around. (24 stitches)

       *K3, increase 1*, repeat around. (32 stitches)

       *K4, increase 1* repeat around.  (40 stitches)

       *K5, increase 1*, repeat around. (48 stitches)

       *K6, increase 1* repeat around.  (56 stitches)

Knit straight rounds for 1inch, then begin decrease rows, by reversing shaping from above.

        *K5, k2tog* repeat around.  (48 stitches)

           Knit 1 round between decrease rows as indicated above.

        *K4, k2tog*, repeat around.  (40 stitches)

        *K3, k2tog*, repeat around.  (36 stitches)

         *K2, k2tog* repeat around.  (24 stitches)

         *K1, k2tog*, repeat around.  (16 stitches)  At this point, stuff the ball you have made with a handful of fiberfill, add two bells if you wish.

Knit straight for 13 rounds.  Cut sock yarn and attach a tan yarn.

K2tog around  (8stitches)

K 1 round

K2tog around, (4 stitches)

K2, k2tog, (3 stitches), place these three stitches on one dpn, and work I-cord for approx 1 inch.  Bind off and cut yarn.  Thread end yarn back through the I-cord and pull slightly to make it curl a little.  Secure it with a stitch in body of gourd, and weave inside.

knit gourdWith a blunt needle, pull the fiberfill up to fill out the neck of the gourd.  Let cat play with it, or put into a bowl on your table for a fall centerpiece.  Make as many more as you like, in different colors to create an everlasting bowl full of gourds for fall!  Enjoy.

[Note from the webmaster: Less than an hour after publishing this page, Jean's sample gourd was stolen right off my desk. Luckily, my surveillance camera was working, so the thief was apprehended and the merchandise returned, safely.]

JFASknit gourd


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