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Knit Neck Pillow from CountryNaturals

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This neck pillow is quick and easy (takes approximately 4 hours). It uses only stockinette stitch (knit one row, purl the next). It's super comfy, but mine came out with a lumpy, homemade look, suitable for casual living and giving, but probably not elegant enough to sell or impress a snooty relative.

I used standard Peaches & Creme 100% cotton worsted-weight yarn and #8 needles. 1 ball is all it takes, but I used 2 for contrasting colors. Other super-soft, non-fuzzy yarns should work, too.

For stuffing, I used a "stick" of memory foam (leftovers from cutting down a mattress pad) and regular poly-fill for shaping.


Cast on 47 stitches. Leave a long enough tail to use for stitching up the end and sides later on. Knit in stockinette stitch for 16 rows.

Change to 2nd color (optional) and knit the first 23 stiches. ~ It's now time to start the decrease for shaping the pillow. ~

Knit 2 together and put a stitch marker on your needle. Finish the row. When you come back on the purl side, knit 2 together in the closest stitches to the marker. Continue in this manner for 8 rows, leaving 39 stitches on your needle.

Remove the stitch marker and continue in stockinette stitch for another 16 rows.

~ Now it's time to increase for the other side. ~ Knit the first 19 stitches. Knit the front and back of the next stitch and put on your stitch marker. Finish the row. When you come back on the purl side, knit the front and back in the closest stitches to the marker. Continue in this manner for 8 rows, leaving 47 stitches on your needle.

Change back to the first color (optional) and knit in stockinette for another 16 rows. Bind off, leaving a tail long enough to stitch around the end.

Using a tapestry needle and the bottom tail yarn, stitch around the end, draw it up tight, then stitch up the sides to make a tube, closed at one end.

Using the other tail, stitch around that end, but leave the pillow open for stuffing.

If you have a scrap of memory foam, cut it about an inch longer than your tube, and stuff it in. Fill in with poly-fill to shape the pillow. If you don't have memory foam, it should still be fine with whatever stuffing you have handy. You might add a soft packet of lavender to give your pillow a relaxing scent.

When the pillow is stuffed to your satisfaction, gather up the open end, tie off and YOU'RE DONE!

NOTE: If the ends aren't completely sealed, you may need to stitch them closed or fasten a pompom or other decoration to to keep the stuffing from leaking out.


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