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Here are some hints, techniques, and shortcuts I've picked up along the way. Contributions welcome.



ADDING NEW YARN - Many knitters never knot, they just work a new strand into the work. If you are a knotter, however, use a square knot--it lies flat and the ends can be worked in both directions to make a smoother transition.

CAST-ON - When starting a project, after the cast-on, work the tail into your first row to eliminate the need for messing around with it later.

LEFTHANDED KNITTING - When learning from a righthanded knitter or a video, set up a mirror so you can watch in the mirror. It will look lefthanded.

MULTIPLE BALLS OF YARN - When working with more than one ball of yarn on a project, it's easy to get them tangled up. Use little hair clips to keep them from unwinding while not in use. Juse grab a few strands, including the end you're pulling from, to keep the ball under control.

Use hair clips to control yarn.


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Here's how to make seamless background images for your web pages.


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