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NOTE: These pages work for Windows XP. I'm not sure about Vista, but Windows 7 no longer allows for saved games except when you exit the program, so some of this info is outdated if you're on Windows 7.

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This one cannot be played on the computer, yet.

After playing a few thousand games of Spider, I realized it is possible to have a no-win scenario. This can only happen if the last 10 cards are all of the same suit, with no duplicates. I wasn't sure it would work, so I dug out some real cards, stacked the deck, and gave it a try. It seems to be even more difficult than winning a game, but I only played long enough to prove my theory. Here's how it works:

~ Pull out any 10 cards of the same suit, with no duplicates and set them aside.

~ Shuffle, deal and play the game as usual.

If you get a game you could normally win, on the last round (not counting the cards you pulled out) you'll roll up the last of your suited runs, leaving only 3 cards on the board. Since you can't fill all the holes, you can't deal the last 10 cards (the suited cards you pulled out at the beginning). Voila! The No-Win Scenario!

If you like this variation, or have any other comments or suggestions, please let me know.




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