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Polyphemus Moth

Click here to view a larger image. Click on that image to see it super large. The details are well worth it. This magnificent Polyphemus Moth came to visit and posed for my camera.
Polyphemus Moth side view

This one is a side view, also huge, where you can see her spots from underneath, and also see her fuzzy little feet. Polyphemus Moth Side view.

Notice the small, yellow outline in the center of the underwing. It's so pronounced, I thought it was a reflection or something, but it's all natural.

All I did to these photos was remove the background "noise". It was easy because the moth was on a window into a darker room, that showed up mostly black. I did not make any other adjustments to these photos. I did use a flash, so the detail really came out.

I'm sorry I didn't measure her when I had the chance, but my best guess is that her wingspan was about 7 inches.
BTW, the reason I'm pretty sure she's a female is because she spread her wings when I tickled them. I assumed she thought I was her boyfriend, come for a friendly visit.

Here's a link to the Macromoths of Northwest Forests and Woodlands identification page for the Polyphemus Moth.

Polyphemus Moth Expands Wings (video)

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