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UPDATE 2015: I now play spider solitaire in puzzle mode. That means I backtrack as much as necessary to win the game. I now win over 80% of the games I play. Here is my new page showing how it works.

NOTE: These pages work for Windows XP. I'm not sure about Vista, but Windows 7 no longer allows for saved games except when you exit the program, so some of this info is outdated if you're on Windows 7.

NEW! Now you can download my best Spider Solitaire .sav games, and 2 great utilities for managing your saved games, Free. Enjoy!

On April 4, 2006, I hit the ultimate game--the Rubik's Cube of Spider Solitaire. In 20 years of play, I have never won a game this difficult. Normally, I would have thrown this game in (4 kings in the first round--YUK!) but I was in the mood for a challenge so I kept going and it paid off.

When I finally won, I couldn't wait to share this game with the world. I found the spider.sav file in the "My Documents" folder, attached it to an email (it's only 700+ bytes), and sent it to my husband's computer. I downloaded it and gave it to him to play. It took him over an hour--and that was just from the last round. He agreed that he never would have played this one, either, and almost didn't believe it could be won, but he finally got it. Here are some screen shots:

Looks pretty good at first

Spider Solitaire Super Challenge spider.sav screen shot start of game

Then it starts to fall apart--4 kings in the first round--YUK!

Spider Solitaire Super Challenge spider.sav screen shot end of round one

And keeps getting worse. (The 2nd round turns up 2 more kings.)

Spider Solitaire Super Challenge spider.sav screen shot during play

I've beaten this game twice, but I couldn't duplicate this next screen exactly the second time. I was still able to get 2 holes and win, but I had to start over several times.

Spider Solitaire Super Challenge spider.sav screen shot start of last round

From here it takes me over 100 moves to win. Notice how many piles are still messed up, how many cards are still buried, and that not one suit has been rolled up, yet.

I have lots of challanging saved games for the Windows XP free version of Spider (spider.sav). If you'd like to play them, you can download them here.

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