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You Can Win
Over 80% of your
4 Suit Difficult Spider Solitaire Games!


There's more than one way to play spider. If you just pick a game and play it through once, your winning percentage will probably be around 10%, BUT, if you play "puzzle style", which means backing up and exploring all options, you can increase that stat to over 80%. I was flabbergasted to discover that such a high percent of these games could be won, but I proved it to myself over the winter, with over 1100 games played and a winning stat of 83%. (I reset after that when I did something dumb that caused me to end a game I could have won.) After resetting my stats, I played another 22 games and won them all. Today I did a search to see how other players were doing, and discovered nothing like this, so I decided to share my findings. If you like what you see here, please show it with Twitter follows and Facebook likes.

Spider Solitaire 100% Winning Stats

I don't play every game. I am very picky. No duplicates and the game must start with a high 4-card run. This game looked pretty good, so I decided to play. I also decided that if I couldn't win it, I wouldn't bother publishing this page.

Tough Spider Solitaire Game

2 hours later, after backing up completely several times, I finally got it. Took me 1841 moves! I have now won 23 consecutive games. All of my hints and strategies are listed at the top of Page 1.

Final Spider Solitair Game Score!

I know from experience that this streak won't last. During my last set, I lost 4 games in a row, which really brought my stats down. There is just nothing we can do when the kings come up early and block too many piles, but playing this way gives the game a new twist. Enjoy!

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