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NOTE: These pages work for Windows XP. I'm not sure about Vista, but Windows 7 no longer allows for saved games except when you exit the program, so some of this info is outdated if you're on Windows 7.

NEW! Now you can download my best Spider Solitaire .sav games, and 2 great utilities for managing your saved games, Free. Enjoy!

I apologize if this page is slow to load, but the photos need to be big enough to read the cards.

Once in a blue moon, you'll deal out a hand of Spider and have all the cards fall into place, so there's no challenge at all. When I get a game like that, where I turn up all hidden cards on the first round, I increase the challenge by dealing out all the cards at once and play the game "face-up."

For those of you who count moves, I'll bet this would also be a great candidate for a winning low score.

Here's how this game looks at the end of round one:


Here it is at the end of round one, with all cards dealt out. If you want to play with real cards, you could lay this game out, manually, and play it the old-fashioned way.


For those of you who count moves, it might be interesting to see which way takes fewer moves--dealing the cards one round at a time or all at once.

If you'd like a copy of this file, send me an email. My link is at the bottom of this page.





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