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Hand Knit Potpourri Bag from Country Naturals

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Start with 2 strands of standard worsted-weight yarn and #10 needles. These directions make a pouch approximately 6 inches in diameter.


knit-a-hex (circle substitute)Cast on 11 stitches
Rows 1-11 (approximate) Knit front & back of first stitch, then knit one, purl one the rest of the row. (Seed Stitch). Make sure to keep the pattern going by "knitting the bumps" so the increases don't mess things up.

Rows 11-20 (approximate) K1, P1 until the side measurement is the same as the bottom and angled section.

Note: These measurements don't have to be perfect. You're approximating a cicle that will be gathered up, so slight descrepencies will never show.

Rows 21-30 (approximate) Knit 2 together at the beginning of each row until the top angle is the same as the bottom angle and you're back to 11 stitches.

Bind off.

Use your favorite crochet border to make a ruffle all the way around the edge. (I used shell stitch for mine.)

Cut a 2-strand length of yarn long enough to wrap around the top twice and leave room for a bow.

Tie a knot in one end and work it in and out aroud the edge at the base of the ruffle for a drawstring. Pull it together loosly and add the potpourri. (I use a muslin bag for my potpourri so it won't leak out, but some people just pour it in.)

Hand Knit Potpourri Bag Materials from Country Naturals

When you have the bag filled to capacity, pull the drawstring tight, tie a single knot, then wrap the drawstring around to the other side -- for strength and a more even appearance -- and tie a knot and bow. Done!

The actual size of this bag is about the size of a baseball.


Easy, continuous loop fringe to crochet, using only chain stitch and slip stitch. Instuctions.

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