Easy Knitting Projects  
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These are all original knitting projects with complete instructions. If you make any of these and want to share your photos and comments, or if you have any questions, please send me an email.



Hand-Knit Neck Pillow

Nice and easy, comfy & casual. Only uses one ball of cotton yarn.

Hand-Knit Christmas Tree Ornament

Perfect for households with cats or babies. Also great for package ties.

Hand-Knit Glasses Case

Can also be modified for cell phones or digital cameras.

Hand-Knit Potpourri Bag

Make this in about an hour from scrap yarn. Makes a great gift. For a designer touch, match it to the colors of your sheets or towels and put it in your linen closet.

Hand-Knit Blanket-Tote For Small or Tiny Dogs

Super easy. Optional crochet edging. Chain stitch tie. Needs fastener that can be pulled tight.

Hand-Knit Fancy Bow

This project can be finished in a day. It's perfect for personalizing a generic gift (like a bottle of wine or anything that comes in an envelope, like gift cards or cash). It also makes a great holiday corsage, hair ornament, or even a cat toy.

Hand-Knit "Bed-Roll" Car Throw

This is a quick, easy, inexpensive project that uses regular worsted-weight acrylic yarn. Knits up in just 3 days or less if you're a fast knitter. It's a rolled up, thick mini-throw to leave in the car for a sit-upon, lap robe, or foot warmer. It can also be used as a travel dog bed.

Inside-Out Bedroom Footies

Quick and easy hand-knit slipper socks--great gifts

Easy Knit Pocket Pillows

This project is for small "pocket pillows" to hang on the back of your favorite chair for a little extra neck support.


Adorable pattern from Aunt Jean for this cat toy or decoration.


For hotpads, potholders, etc.


Fun project that only takes a couple of hours.


No butterfly would be happy without one.


Easy knit project to use up yarn you don't want anymore.

Easy knit Sashes & Ribbons

If you're giving a gift that won't be wrapped--like a plant, bottle of wine, or something from your kitchen--a hand-knit ribbon around it will really give it a special touch.

Easy Knit Waste Basket Covers

Excellent way to use up scrap yarn.

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